3 Items You Can Benefit From By Recycling


If your home is getting cluttered with junk, you may feel the need to purge that trash. But is it trash or is it treasure? While there are a number of items around your home that may be outdated and out of service, throwing them away isn't necessarily the answer. Here are three types of items that can be recycled, and doing so will not only benefit the environment but society as a whole.

2 June 2016

3 Tips For Trash Removal When Renovating A House


Renovating an entire house will require the removal of large amounts of trash and other items that you no longer need. Simply placing a lot of trash by the curb for the city to discard of can lead to you being fined if it is done too soon before a big trash day. This article will give you a few helpful tips to consider for getting rid of all of the trash during your renovation project.

26 May 2016