Breathing New Life Into Old Appliances Through Recycling


Recycling has become a part of our lives and with good reason. There are so many better ways to deal with metals, plastics, and other reusable materials than to just bury them under mountains of dirt. So how about those old appliances that you are pulling out of your home when you remodel? Did you know those can be recycled too?

Damaged Doesn't Mean Worthless

A refrigerator that doesn't work anymore may not necessarily be trash. In fact, some of the parts may be useful to help rebuild or repair other similar refrigerators. In some cases, an appliance repair shop may take your old appliances for parts or even buy them for a small amount of money to use the parts. Just because it is not working for you, doesn't mean it can't be used somehow. The compressor from your fridge maybe just the part needed to fix one that the repairman has been working on, or maybe he has a part to fix yours and can resell the appliance at a low price to a family in need or for a small profit to help keep his business going. You just never know what might help.

No Good Parts Does Not Mean No Good

In some cases, the parts from an old appliance are where the value is but if there are no usable parts in the appliance, the materials that the appliance if made from may be where the value comes in. Copper, aluminum, and steel all have value and it just so happens, most appliances are made from a combination of those materials. Recycling the materials from the appliance may bring more money to the recycler than the parts would to a repair shop and because of this, many recyclers will pay a small fee for the appliance as a whole unit.

Getting That Appliance Picked Up

Not every area has a great place to recycle appliances like a scrap yard or appliance repair shop. In fact, some places getting rid of the appliance can be tough to do at all. This is the time when you should consider a clean up service or junk removal company. They will not likely give you money for the appliance but they will haul; it away and save you the headache of dealing with it. They bring the truck, manpower, and knowledge of where to take that appliance. All you have to do is call.

Any way you look at it, if you are keeping the old appliances out of the landfill is a bonus and if it can be used to help someone else, how can you go wrong?


3 January 2017

Talking About Recycling

Hi everyone, my name is Makana. Welcome to my site about recycling. I am excited to talk to you about all of the benefits of recycling. Throwing garbage in the trash bin only serves to fill up landfills, which has a negative impact on the planet. With recycling, you can rest assured that the majority of the waste goes toward making new packaging and products. The recycled materials live on and can even be processed another time. I will explore recycling rules and techniques in detail on this site. Please feel free to come back all of the time to learn new things.