3 Easy Tips To Save On Dumpster Rental Costs


If you're planning on a home renovation project such as remodeling your bathroom or putting up new floor tiles, you may need to hire a dumpster rental to take care of the waste generated. Renting a dumpster could also come in handy if you want to de-clutter your house or remove yard waste.

This will save you time by giving you an easy way to deal with the waste other than having to transport it to a landfill yourself. Unfortunately, renting a dumpster can prove quite costly if you go at it blindly. This article looks at different tricks you can use to lower the cost of renting a dumpster.

Seal the dumpster 

Extra weight on your bin could result in additional charges from the dumpster rental service, so you may want to keep unnecessary items out of your dumpster. Pests such as rats, raccoons or even birds could crawl into an open dumpster, adding a lot of extra weight. Placing a trap on the bin could keep such pests out and save you money and the prospect of horrible smells from dead animals or animal droppings.

Furthermore, a trap can prevent rainwater from weighing down your bin, especially if you are disposing old mattresses, carpets and soft furniture that could soak up a lot of water. 

Follow the rules

Typically, there are certain rules that apply to the use of dumpster rentals. Following the rules could help you avoid piling up extra charges on your dumpster rental bill. For instance, you aren't supposed to overload your dumpster or go above the fill line. You may be able to reduce the weight by keeping heavy items such as rocks or old floor tiles out of the rental bin and dumping them in your curbside garbage bin instead. 

You should also return the dumpster before the deadline on your rental contract and avoid putting toxic items such as old car batteries in the bin. 

Rent during a non-peak period 

Dumpster rentals are typically more expensive to rent during peak times such as weekends or during spring when many people are renovating their homes or doing some spring cleaning. If you can be flexible on the time to do that kitchen remodeling or waste removal and reschedule to a weekday or other non-peak time, you may be able to save money as demand on the dumpsters will probably be lower.

If you must rent your dumpster during a peak time, consider splitting the cost with a neighbor, especially if you just have a small amount of waste to get rid of. 

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17 August 2016

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