What Can You Expect When You Recycle A Car?


If you have a car that you no longer want, you may be thinking of recycling it. Recycling is a good option if the car isn't running or is too damaged to sell. Recycling a car has many benefits for both you and the environment, but you are probably wondering what happens to your car during the recycling process. Here's what to expect.

A Quick Note

Once you decide to recycle your car, you will either be donating it or selling it, depending on your area, the options around you, and your car. Once you hand it over to the recycler, your part is done, and you don't have to worry about doing anything more or waiting on anything. You will be paid if you sold it or thanked if you donated it. Still, people are curious as to what happens to their car at a recycler.

If the vehicle is in good shape, it can be cleaned up and repaired and is then sold at auction as a used car.

Getting the Vehicle Ready to Recycle

The recycler will drain all of the fluids from your vehicle and dispose of them. Additionally, the remaining hazardous parts are removed, like the battery and parts that contain lead. The tires are removed and are recycled separately from the vehicle.

A professional will then go over your vehicle and remove any parts that they can. These parts are then cleaned or restored and sold as used parts to other drivers.

Recycling the Vehicle

Once the car is cleaned of any hazards and anything useable, the car is fed into a crusher. The crusher does just what its name indicates: crushes the car flat. The crushed car is then fed into a shredder that is able to separate the metal parts based on their ferrous content. If there is any residue from the shredder, such as plastic or glass, the material is thrown away.

The metal that is left is melted down to make metal components or new metal. Sometimes it is sent to other companies for use during this process.

That's what you can expect to experience when you recycle your car. You can see that your part is really simple. Just find someone who will take the car off of your hands. Your car doesn't come off so easy, but recycling it is for the best because it can become something useable again.


15 August 2016

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